My external brain is plugged in again

October 21, 2010

My Lemur is here! Look how sleek it is. I now feel like the part of my brain that was disconnected for the past two weeks can properly function today. I have been synthesizing information for school (on Chinese Internet/info policy) and about local politics and water on the moon and about guns in America.

Wow, there really is a lot of information out there.

I do want to focus, most of the time. But I have to admit there is a certain kind of thrill to having all this brain stimulation right here at my fingertips.

Oh, and I downloaded an RSS feed reader (Liferea, if anyone’s curious) so I can properly follow all of your blogs. Which means I’ll comment on them more now

In the screencap I linked above, you can see how Ubuntu 10.10 (my operating system) has all the communication-networking stuff right there in that drop-down panel I opened. I think I am going to like this, but I’m not activating the Broadcast stuff — that’s things like Twitter and Facebook. I have enough to keep me busy without that, and I like the RSS feeds better.

I have deeper posts to write later on, but for now, I’ll share something that freaked me out a bit until I realized it was a false alarm. I’m subscribed to the Google Public Policy Blog, where I saw this headline:

“This Internet is Your Internet: Digital Citizenship from California to Washtenaw County”

I know that Google knows where I live, but I thought they’d stepped it up a notch to put my location right there into their headline.

Then I realized that, no, Google actually came to Washtenaw County and that even people in New York, Florida, France, or Timbuktu got that headline.

Whew. That was close.

And now I’m off to chip away some more at the homework and communication backlog.


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