Comcast failed me

December 6, 2010

This End of Semester Update is brought to you by Comcast, which has compelled me to share tonight, even though I should be studying econ, that if I had paid for a text copy of my economics textbook, I would not be suffering tonight. I had planned my week all responsibly and everything, with a time-sensitive job application and my econ homework scheduled for Monday night after work.

However, Comcast’s DNS server failed for pretty much the entire Midwest, from Minnesota to Chicago to Detroit from around 8 until sometime between 11 pm and 12:45 am, when I checked it right before bed and found it working again. I was too sleepy by that point to study or do the job application.

Which means that I had to do them tonight, as well as practice for a presentation that’s at 8:30 tomorrow morning and make slides for a presentation that’s on Wednesday. If I get tired and want to stop (as is happening right now), too bad, I can’t, because I don’t have the extra time padding. I sacrificed that because I didn’t want to pay for the textbook this time. I would have, but in this case — unlike with game theory during the first half of the semester — the two textbooks our class uses were available for free right there on-line in a e-book format. Paying was not made convenient, so I didn’t do it.

Now, as I struggle to stay awake and hope to solve these problems tonight before I do my presentation for tomorrow, I wish I had paid for the paper text.

Failing that, I wish there were more choices for Internet service.

We now return to my regularly scheduled econ homework.


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